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Throttle Body M/C has a new album out on Green Monkey Records.
Green Monkey Records

The New Album

Green Monkey Records breaks out the platform shoes and polyester suits and pours you a Brandy Alexander for the release of Super Hits Of The '70s —the fifth studio album from Throttle Body M/C. New members of the Green Monkey family, the long-time Seattle-now-Toronto-based collective is led by multi-instrumentalist, producer/engineer Jerry Hammack.

From the first moments you’ve dialed into KJR radio in Seattle on a cool fall evening, you are transported with a feeling of déjà vu that you can’t quite put your finger on. The nine new songs are an homage to a wonderful variety of pop, rock and soul, but rather than giving you a clone of days gone by, Throttle Body M/C brings something familiar and completely new at the same time.


The Band

Founded in 1991, Throttle Body M/C incorporates a revolving line-up of musicians that has included Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, Vanessa Paradis, New Edition, Bobby Brown), Osama Afifi (Yanni, Vanessa Paradis), Stephen Dorocke (Handsome Family) and others.

This time around, Jerry (left) is joined by Rod Moody (centre - Swallow, Spike, The Fuzz) and Aaron 'Coleslaw' Taylor (right - Radio Nationals, The Squirrels, Survey Cez') as he explores the pop, rock and soul sounds of early 1970s AM radio. 'I have always loved that era of popular music,’ he states. ‘There was so much variety and richness in the top 40 hits of coming across my radio and I thought it would be a fun to make an album that sounded like it belonged to that magical time.'



Since 1990, Throttle Body M/C has been pushing sonic boundaries, whether through the straight-up rock-n-roll of AIDS and Language, For The Few and Marley's Chain (the last two compiled in the digital collection, Hits 1992-1994 (The Greatest Band That Never Was (But Still Is) Part I), the pop explosions of Air Canada and A Typical Wednesday, the experimental, downtempo-influenced Nine or the unlikely Lonely Days (The Ukulele Album), great songs and inspried performances have always been foremost. Get the entire catalog (or just your favourite tunes) at Amazon Music today!

Get your copy of Super Hits Of The '70s today at Green Monkey Records or stream on your favourite service!

Green Monkey Records

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